Umi is a multiplayer online game in which you will fight over inflatables in the sea. It combines the action of a constant fight without deaths and the fun of a summer vacation in your favourite water park.


Promotional image 1 Pure dynamism

Designed for free movement the scenes of UMI have multiple vertical elements for the players to explore. Using your hook and lots of teamplay you can find numerous and creative ways to achieve the objectives of the map.

Promotional image 2 Fast matches

UMI provides constant and uninterrupted action, splash in fun within short matches from 10 to 15 minutes pushing your opponents away from the inflatables, rescue the small whales, be the king of the water park or relax yoruself in UMILAND.

Promotional image 3 Share with friends

Visit UMILAND, the huge waterpark in which all activities of UMI are coordinated. Explore and join in events, share reactions and emotes with your friends or visit the huge city of inflatables. You will be able to buy yourself a house!.

Promotional image 4 Personalize your experience

From accesories for your character to a wide variety of colors you will be able to customize your avatar. Adopt a pet or decorate your house, you will feel UMI like home.


UMI The Game - Gamescom 2019 Teaser-0

UMI The Game - Gamescom 2019 Teaser-0

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